Kyu Belt Grading

Grading for all students currently grades White Belt to Black with 2 White Stripes contingent on return of grading form before closing date.

Examiners in Attendance:

  1. Dan Redmond - 7th Dan
  2. Sean Wisner - 2nd Dan
  3. Karen Agnew - 2nd Dan

Grading Requirements:

  1. Candidates must wear a clean white karate gi with the CKA approved badge sewn on and a properly tied belt.
  2. The candidate must, on request, present their License at the grading.
    • The licence must be up to date, it is not CKA policy to issue renewal reminders.
  3. A minimum period of regular training must have elapsed since the candidates previous grading
    • 5 months between coloured belts
    • 12 months between 1st Kyu and Junior 1st Dan Black Belt
    • 12 months between Junior 1st Dan and Senior 1st Dan Black Belt
      • AND a minimum age of 16 (sixteen) years has been reached
  4. Grading suitability is assessed on a per candidate basis, if a candidates coach does not think they are ready, they will not be permitted to grade.

Belts can be purchased on the day of the examination.